Since announcing that I was entering the race for a Jefferson Parish Council At-Large seat, the overwhelming support has been humbling. So, thank you. Thank you to the volunteers, our friends, and everyone who has reached out offering support. Also, thank you to the best wife and family anyone could hope for. They are my foundation and the primary reason I am here and running to serve Jefferson Parish. Our home.

I always tell my kids that there is a fine line between good and great. It’s that extra effort that can make the difference. It’s more than just showing up, but rather investing yourself in whatever it is you believe in.

Things are good in Jefferson Parish. By some measures, it’s not only good, but great. I’m proud to live here. I’m proud to call Jefferson Parish home. I’m proud to have two businesses here. To have one child still in school here. To shop and eat here.

We are a safe community with an extraordinary Sheriff’s Office. We have amazing health facilities and an excellent fire department. Our schools, parks and libraries have something for everyone.

Since announcing my candidacy, residents and groups have reached out and I’ve listened. I will continue to listen and I won’t stop listening after the election is over. While our parish is a great place to live, there are meaningful issues for some that need to be addressed. Some issues that have been ignored and some that will ensure Jefferson Parish will lead in quality of life, economic development, infrastructure and the needs of its residents far into the future.

Jefferson Parish is more than just where I live. I was born and raised here, moved away and came back — because that’s what we do. I went to St. Angela Merici, then Brother Martin, then Southern Mississippi until I made it home. I’ve been married to my wife, Jennifer, for 19 years. My two boys are 13 and 9. Family means everything to me and that includes the community and neighbors around us. And that is why I am running to serve Jefferson Parish. It may sound cliche, but if I am teaching my kids to take the extra effort to make things better and aspire to greatness, I believe it’s my duty to them and the community to do the same.

I want to earn your support and vote.

I believe that you are elected to office for one reason — to be a voice for all you represent — not just those who vote for you.

You listen.
You do your homework.
You follow up.
You communicate.
You make informed decisions.
You do the job you were elected to do. You earn that vote.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve heard from residents and groups in Jefferson Parish. I’ve heard about drainage concerns, emergency response, infrastructure, permitting, development and more. Many felt they weren’t being heard. Others have ideas about how things can improve in the parish. They wanted to be listened to and considered. My promise to them is that every issue will be addressed. My promise to all is I will listen and you will be heard.

While Jefferson Parish is an incredible place to live, we do have issues. Some of those I just mentioned can’t be fixed overnight, but they’ve been going on for far too long.

We need to address drainage issues where residents feel it’s at a critical point.

As a business owner, I have to agree with those who believe it should be much easier to build and open new businesses in Jefferson Parish. As I opened my Shipley Donuts location on Metairie Road, I learned first-hand the process definitely had room for improvement. We also need to address and attract more companies who want to invest in our Parish and develop it. We need development that attracts new and good paying jobs. I’ve looked at mixed use developments and planned communities in communities like ours, and those are solutions that should be considered for a Jefferson Parish of the future. What’s happening right now in Elmwood is a great start.

Our sales tax revenue is stagnant. Attracting new businesses — large and small — and working hand-in-hand with JEDCO is key to our growth.

And, in our advancing digital climate, our Parish tech infrastructure must keep in step. Beyond cyber issues cities and communities face, our digital presence for the people of the parish needs to be vastly improved. Residents and businesses should have the ease of finding details and connecting with most parish services without getting in their car.

It’s critical we continue to attract people to live in Jefferson Parish and offer them an enhanced quality of life and a promising future. Every person who chooses this parish as home should have that expectation.

I want to show up every day and not only work toward that goal for the people of this parish, but also for my family and my kids’ futures. I want my sons to start families here and have the opportunities that I’ve had.

When I was a student at Southern Miss, the former Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Joe Paul, would always encourage us to leave it better than we found it. I carry that with me every day.

With your support and together, we can leave Jefferson Parish better than we found it.

Make a difference on October 12th. Cast a vote for a new generation of leadership.

Thank you.




Candidate for Jefferson Parish Council At-Large